SubmitWizard Professional helps you with

Search Engine Listing and Submission:

Search Engine Submission: Your URL gets submitted to major search engines as well as local and national directories.
Manual Submission: SubmitWizard includes customized manual submission to directories and search engines.
Monthly Resubmission: SubmitWizard will automatically resubmit your URL to a select list of engines monthly.

Search Engine Optimization Tools:

Keyword Research Tool

Keywords are search terms or phrases entered into search engines by customers to find your site. A critical part of search engine optimization for any Web site is determining the appropriate words and phrases to use in your siteís content. With this tool you donít have to spend hours figuring out what keywords to use when promoting your site. This tool helps you find the most valuable keywords for your site, in order to help your business be found by online customers.

Link Popularity Tool

The number of quality Web sites that have links to your site is a factor that could help you get better position in search engines. This is called Link Popularity and many search engines use this as a factor for determining page rank. This tool gives you the number of sites that link to your web pages from various search engines such as Google, Yahoo!, MSN and Link Popularity is an important factor in search engine optimization. Not only can you can check your position and the trend of your siteís popularity, you may then determine to follow-up with other sites to add your site links.

Search Engine Optimization Tool (SEO)

SEO is the process of arranging your siteís content to obtain higher rankings in search engine results. A number of factors are important when optimizing a Web site, including the keywords used in the content and structure of the Web site's layout, copy, presence of HTML meta-tags and the submission process. We analyze your site for many important factors that are absolutely necessary for it to be indexed by search engines. We then give you recommendations on changes needed to best optimize your site. This is an important tool to improve the ranking of your Web site. You can also drive more traffic from customers who are searching online for your services by using this tool.

Search Results Ranking

Using keywords you specify, this tool determines what your position is on several search engines for those keywords. This information is important in helping you determine the actions necessary to improve your position through site optimization or paid placements. Additionally, with this tool you can also check how your competitors rank on the same keywords you are targeting. This enables you to develop a strategy to improve your position in relation to your competitors.

Meta Tag Generator

SubmitWizard helps you create Meta Tags for your site. These tags are used by the top search engines to determine where your site will appear among search results.

Site Monitoring Tools

SubmitWizard also includes tools to ensure that your site is performing at its best to attract the most results from top search engines. This includes uptime monitoring which verifies that searchers can find your URL.

HTML Analysis

SubmitWizard analyzes your URL for problems that may affect search engine rankings and performance. It checks HTML code quality, web browser compatibility, and page load time -- to ensure that you benefit from traffic delivered by the top search engines.

Search engine visibility is critical for today's e-business. SubmitWizard takes the guesswork out of the confusing process of search engine submission, automating the entire search engine optimization process and putting you in control of achieving better rankings in the top search engines.


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